Three more acts confirmed for Way Out West 2020

More gifts! SLOWTHAI, BOY PABLO and THE BLACK MADONNA join the Way Out West 2020 line-up!

He’s funny and merciless, self-revealing and uninhibited. He takes a swipe at the ultra-rich, the queen and racists. His lyrics portraying the Brexit-era Britain are among the sharpest you’ll find right now. Growing up in Northampton, SLOWTHAI was a hyper-energetic kid with a knack for causing trouble. Eventually music, a punky kind of grime, became the valve where he could get an outlet. Those of you who’ve seen his physical, intense and more or less undressed live performances know what we’re talking about.

The name? In the beginning it was Slow Ty, where ”slow” refers to a speech impediment in his youth which caused him to speak slowly and where ”Ty” is short for his real name Tyron (surname: Frampton). As a lyricist he’s got presence and pathos, he’s never predictable or monotonous, always inventive in finding new ways of describing his perspectives and characters. As made obvious by this year’s debut album Nothing Great About Britain, SLOWTHAI is one of our time’s most interestering and colorful personalities. Can’t be missed.
Activist, euphoric festival fixture and globe-trotting DJ.  THE BLACK MADONNA wants you to have fun, yet at the same time she wants to change the electronic dance music world and… the world. We’re very proud to welcome her to Way Out West.

Marea Stamper is her real name. As the first female ever, she was named DJ of the year by Mixmag in 2016 and she graced the cover of the magazine wearing a giant golden crown.

Finding her own teenage sanctuary from bullying in the Midwest’s ’90s rave scene, she’s become a force seeking to correct what has gone awry in electronic music since its idealistic beginnings, from addressing the huge gender inequality and issue of safety in clubland, to platforming the marginalized voices without whom house music wouldn’t exist.

DJ Mag

The Norwegian internet sensation laughing through the heartbreak”. That’s how NME described BOY PABLO, which both is the name of a band and an alias for its bandleader, Bergen wonderkid Nicolás Pablo Rivera Muñoz. In short time BOY PABLO has gained significant national and international popularity with a melodic, playful, swooning and somewhat melancholy soft pop – partly helped by the viral video to Everytime, partly because PABLO and his fellow musicians are simply irresistible. When you see them at Way Out West, you’ll understand.

Muñoz began the BOY PABLO project in 2015. The Everytime video, uploaded on Youtube in 2017, received millions of views within weeks. Roy Pablo, the first EP, was released the same year and Soy Pablo, a follow-up EP, came in 2018. A full-length album should be on its way.