The Werchter Boutique 2022 line-up is complete

Here comes the sun. Just under four months to wait until Werchter Boutique. The one-day festival’s full line-up is announced today, with new additions to the bill YEARS & YEARS, KHRUANGBIN, ARSENAL and BLACKWAVE.. STROMAE and GORILLAZ had already confirmed their slot at the Festivalpark on Sunday 19th June. What a bill for the feel-good Werchter Boutique festival!

GORILLAZ are a phenomenon. The most famous virtual band in the world consists of four members: animated characters 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle and Russel Hobbs. The band and its music are the brainchild of a flesh-and-blood two-piece: comic artist Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn, formerly of Blur, with the latter also leading the incredible musicians who accompany Gorillaz live. Feel good magic!

The same goes for STROMAE, who could be said to be omnipresent at the moment. His third album ‘Multitude’ is out next week, and he hosted a preview for his new live show in Brussels earlier this week. Visually state-of-the-art, musically always surprising – the grand master returns.

YEARS & YEARS equals synth-pop with gold lining. Years & Years started life as a trio, but since 2021 it’s been the solo project of Olly Alexander, a truly charismatic frontman with a ravishing voice. This is electronic music that deals with love and lust in the 21st century, in an intelligent and considered way.

KHRUANGBIN is Thai for aeroplane and also, since 2010, the name of a wonderful band. The unusual Texan trio – note the wacky wigs worn by guitarist Mark Speer and bassist Laura Lee – make interesting instrumental music for the beaches of Los Angeles, the squares of Marrakesh and the nightlife of Bangkok.

ARSENAL are truly a global band. Founders Hendrik Willemyns and John Roan have always found the inspiration for their cosmopolitan dance machine all over the world, seeking out anything that’s exotic and/or has a good groove. After all these years, they could find their way to Werchter with their eyes closed, and they always bring the good times to the Festivalpark.

BLACKWAVE. make music to disappear into. Singer-producer Willem Ardui and rapper Jay Atohoun have an open-minded view of hip-hop and blend it with funk, jazz and soul. The tempo is slow, the delivery seems nonchalant, and the vibe is chilled yet exuberant. The Antwerp duo aim for the stars, and so far, they haven’t missed.

Tickets for Werchter Boutique 2022 are on sale at here. A ticket costs 92 euros (including service costs and mobility contribution).