The Prodigy confirmed for Suikerrock Festival 2019

THE PRODIGY’S legendary influence has shaped the UK’s rave scene into what we know and love today since 1990. Pioneering electronic music through seven studio albums, including last year’s ‘No Tourists’, THE PRODIGY have remained one the of the must-see acts in electronic big beat, commanding colossal crowds across the globe for over two decades. They have Headlined the world’s most immense festivals and venues, including their gigantic sold-out Alexandra Palace shows on the recent No Tourists tour, donning the stage at the likes of Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop, Glastonbury and Exit Festival, and blazing the Milton Keynes Bowl in front of a staggering 65,000 people, THE PRODIGY are an act that elevate the status of any stage they touch.

GOOSE is forever pushing the boundaries of their own music. The Guardian hailed the foursome as “an onstage powerhouse, successfully bridging the gap between electronic music and rock.” GOOSE is now putting their entire back catalogue to the test with their latest endeavour called GOOSE NONSTOP. GOOSE has always been a fine-tuned machine. Its gears meshing together with those of the audience at breakneck speed. GOOSE NONSTOP embraces that metaphor and distills the entirety of their career into a stage packed with synthesizers and drum computers. Every song completely dismantled, reinvigorated and then patched together to form a continuous live set, resembling the narrative arc of a rave that lasts from dusk till dawn.GOOSE NONSTOP is about combining the past and the future, and redefining the meaning of a live electronic band by remixing their own songs and riffs into an entire new reality, bringing back the rave to modern day clubs and festivals.

The most anticipated summer rave in years will be at Suikerrock Saturday 27th July 2019: GOOSENONSTOP and THE PRODIGY!