The Lumineers confirmed for Colors of Ostrava 2020!

Ho Hey! This irresistible song and many other great songs will be played live next year at Colours of Ostrava! Folk-rock band THE LUMINEERS from Denver are another star confirmed for Colors of Ostrava 2020!

Blessed to write songs with contagious melodies and powerful lyrics, they recall what songwriting has always been about: trustworthy storytelling. While singing on painful, often taboo personal themes, THE LUMINEERS have found an ideal way to both entertain and tease them without losing the attention of the mass audience and turning the concerts into a musical holiday.

Singer and guitarist Wesley Schultz, drummer Jeremiah Fraites and until recently cellist Neyla Pekarek, newly replaced by violinist Lauren Jacobson, have never been in the same circle and rightfully won Grammy nominations, their big fan Barack Obama invited them twice to the White House and U2 or they opened concerts for Tom Petty. The Hanging Tree composed for Hunger Games was also enthusiastically received.

With the relentlessly catching hit ‘Ho Hey’, successful wherever the crowd liked to sing and groan “I belong to you, you belong to me”, they conquered the world. He fell for radio, summer parties of 2012, advertising and television series. The band compares the hit to an icebreaker who made their way to the limelight with their debut album.

Start like a fool and it was enough to continue, but there was an endlessly tumbled analogy to Mumford and Sons, and that wouldn’t add any confidence. And, as Wesley Schultz said, “It’s definitely a big challenge to record albums that would always be similar, a coat”. You don’t want to become a cartoon of yourself, of what you do.”