The Hu, Svartidauði, Denial Of God & Northlane play June 17th at Copenhell 2020

Today, COPENHELL announces four new and exciting bands that will join already announced P.O.D. in an explosive Wednesday line-up:

The new Mongolian outfit THE HU is thundering across the steppes, intent on conquering the entire world with their infectious and energetic sound. The band plays a fascinating mix of Mongolian folk music on beautiful traditional instruments combined with throat singing and modern hard rock – and buckets of charm and style. You can look forward to a very unique concert experience here!

Top-shelf black metal from Iceland will be served when the COPENHELL audience experiences SVARTIDAUÐI‘s misantropic, cold sonic universe. The masked musicians are masters of everything from hyper-aggressive assault metal and slow, atmospheric passages where an only barely controlled chaos is constantly bubbling and seething below the surface. This will be pitch black and evil as hell!

Being the oldest existing Danish black metal band, DENIAL OF GOD has played with their original line-up since 1991. The brothers Ustumallagam and Azter have refined the band’s gloomy music and classic horror universe throughout almost 30 years without compromising their brutal oldschool sound at all. The COPENHELL audience can, in other words, look forward to pure, unadulterated black metal from one of the Danish genre institutions!

The Australian band NORTHLANE plays experimental progressive metalcore combined with djent elements and electronic instruments, and that is one dirty musical cocktail! Expect wild, twisting madness from the first to the last song in a concert with a band that is not afraid to renew themselves and their music again and again.

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