The final bands for Switzerland’s Greenfield Festival announced

Festival organisers are proud to complete the lineup with BEHEMOTH and seven other bands. The two winners of the Greenfield Foundation Band Contest will be on 28.02. added after the finale to the line-up.

The Greenfield Festival announces another highlight today: BEHEMOTH will summon demons in the Bernese Oberland at this year’s edition of the Greenfield Festival with their blasphemous Black Metal riffs. In addition to BEHEMOTHMILLENCOLIN, AT THE GATES, KVELERTAK and 4 other bands will rock the stages from the 13th. to 15th June!

Over the last 27 years, BEHEMOTH have crossed the boundaries of Black Metal and heresy alike. The new album “I Loved You At Your Darkest” is a crushing volley full of Black Metal majesty with hellish riffs, thunderous drum canons and uplifting liturgical choirs that summon demons.

The Swedish quartet influenced a generation of skate punks with their legendary albums “Life On A Plate” or “Pennybridge Pioneers”. In February 2019, MILLENCOLIN released their new record “SOS”, which lyrically continues the socio-political frustration of its predecessor “True Brew” and clings to their timeless guitar riffs and advancing drums.

With “Slaughter of the Soul”, AT THE GATES released a masterpiece of Death Metal in 1995, which caused a sensation at the same time as In Flames’ “The Jester Race”. AT THE GATES show maturity and class on their new album “To Drink From The Night Itself” with technically-savvy songs with a wide sound spectrum that summon the hellhounds and shoot the angels from the sky.

KVELERTAK have been puzzling over the last ten years or so of the whole metal world. Scandinavian metal bands have always been a fascination, but the Norwegians of KVELERTAK have blown away everything that gets in the way of a Nordic God with their previous three albums. Their music combines Black Metal with Hard Rock, Hardcore Punk with Rock’n’Roll.

As one of the most important pioneers of the Djent genre, TESSERACT has enjoyed a broad fanbase over the last fifteen years. The multi-layered, atmospheric Progressive Metal of the band from Milton Keynes, England comes with many hooks and strong melodies. Feeling are also the lyrics, but since the latest album “special” sometimes as growls therefore.

The Ska-Punks of the SONDASCHULE from Mühlheim an der Ruhr grew up with their new songs to a political band, but remain true to their black humor and devote most topics with the necessary dose of wink. The current album “Schere, Stein, Papier” reflects on the original punk idea and is an important statement for cosmopolitanism and lived multiculturalism.

THE PEACOCKS released their latest work “Flamingo”, in 2017 which is part of the huge back catalog of around 18 releases. Anyone who can still count, has certainly not felt so much wind in the face, smoked so many cigarettes and certainly not the United States and Canada, made hell in Japan hot and played on probably every stage in Europe.

CHELSEA DEADBEAT COMBO stand for mighty hardcore with Swiss precision. Anchored in the roots of classical Hardcore, their sound reminds of bands like Bane, Hot Water Music or Madball; driving, stirring, solid. In February 2019 they release their new album “Perspectives”. The positive energy is infected and goes to the audience 1:1.