Tame Impala, Dave and Jamie xx Confirmed for Sweden’s Way Out West Festival

In 2015 the mainstream was ready, TAME IMPALA’S third album ‘Currents’ ascended them from the fuzzy underground to the top in almost every way imaginable. Mastermind Kevin Parker – who writes, performs, and mixes all the music – had finally done it. Perfection. Critics, listeners and colleagues all agreed: ‘Currents’ was a flawless rock album. And it still is. They headlined festivals, sold out arenas, collaborated with artists such as Travis Scott and Kanye West, and even received the honour of being covered by Rihanna. After a five year wait, their fourth album ‘Slow Rush’ (2020) arrived, and it didn’t disappoint. ‘Slow Rush’ was smoother and more relaxed while still maintaining Parker’s multifaceted, ever evolving sonics and his immaculate capability of writing psychedelic-infused pop.

Naming a contemporary rock act more influential than TAME IMPALA is not an easy task, and their role when it comes to defining the last decade of alternative music is hard to overstate. Pinch your arm all you want; it won’t change the fact that Tame Impala is coming to Way Out West 2022!

A new king was crowned during this year’s BRIT Awards. The coronation took place in a sea of fire where DAVE, armed with a flame throwing guitar, delivered a gospel infused version of ‘In Fire’ that cemented what most people already knew: DAVE is the hottest rapper in the UK. Ever since is iconic breakthrough album ‘PSYCHODRAMA’ (2019) DAVE has pretty much done it all: winning a Mercury as well as a BRIT Award, earning rave reviews, calling Boris Johnson a real racist and going viral after trading bars with a fan at Glastonbury – Dave’s star never stopped its rapid rising.

DAVE’s new album ‘We’re All Alone In This Together’ (2021) was arguably the most anticipated second album in UK rap history but somehow it still triumphed the expectaions. Over sparse productions, DAVE continues his unmatched wordplay about everything from his experiences as a child born to British-Nigerian immigrants to the prize of his material possessions, proving his lyrics are second to none. This spring Dave will perform an intimate show at Fållan in Stockholm (sold out immediately), and in the summer he will not only be headlining festivals such as Reading and Leeds, but will also play Way Out West. His performance in Slottsskogen will be his biggest show in Scandinavia to date.

JAMIE XX loves music. One would hope that is the case for every artist, but it’s rare to hear it communicated so distinctly as in the music of the British DJ, The xx band member, remixer and producer Jamie Smith. His music always seems to be in a conversation with every record he ever loved, with every track he ever spun. Be it soul, disco, doo-woop, grime, rave, dubstep or hip-hop – Jamie xx has collected a vast bank of memories that he carefully pieces together to create something that feels timeless and strikingly contemporary – all at the same time. We are invited to experience music in the way that JAMIE XX experiences music and that is a true gift.

Following his remix of Gil-Scott Heron song ‘NY Is Killing Me’ and its positive reactions, an entire album of remixes called ‘We’re new here’ in 2011. The same year, JAMIE XX also released the song ‘Far Nearer’. In 2015, JAMIE XX released his widely acclaimed debut album ‘In Colour’ including songs like ‘Loud Places’, ‘I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)’ and ‘Gosh’. In 2020 he dropped his latest single ‘Idontknow’ all while staying busy DJ:ing, remixing, producing and working on new material with The xx. For everyone that goes to loud places to search for someone to be quiet with, JAMIE XX in Slottsskogen will be a spiritual experience.