Symphonic metal bands Twilight Force & Beyond The Black confirmed for Sabaton Open Air

Does your life lack some magic, enchantments or dragons? In that case festival organisers might be able to help you.

At least if you make your way to Sabaton Open Air in August when the knights of TWILIGHT FORCE enter the stage as the last band to perform on Wednesday 5th August 2020!

In terms of genre, the band is symphonic/power metal and as for the lyrics we move into the world of fables, myths and legends. On stage you will meet elves in armour who take you on a journey with these Heroes of Mighty Magic!

Twighlight Force play Sabaton Open Air Festival 2020 poster

It’s probably every new band’s wet dream to get a gig at a big European festival when you’ve just started playing together and before the debut album is even released.

It actually happened to the German band BEYOND THE BLACK when they started back in 2014. They also managed to climb the charts with their debut album “Songs of Love and Death”, both in their home country and in Austria – immediately after release.

Simply put, you don´t want to miss this symphonic metal band when they visit Sweden this summer.

Their latest album “Heart of the Hurricane” was released in the fall of 2018, and from that, check out the emotional song “Through the Mirror”: