Swedish rockers The Hives confirmed for Weekend Beach Festival 2020!

The powerful Swedish garage rock band, THE HIVES will present their new songs in Torre del Mar in July in what will be their only date in Andalusia.

2020 could not start better for one of the great music festivals in Spain, Weekend Beach Festival Torre del Mar wants to welcome the new year with a surprise gift on the most anticipated day of the year.

The organisers of the Torreño festival have confirmed the Swedes THE HIVES, one of the most surprising and best-performing garage rock bands in Europe. Throughout their career they have played with many styles, in addition to the already named garage rock, they have also used indie and punk rock as their most powerful model. The band, known for its energetic and powerful live concerts, never ceases to amaze in each of their works. Characterised by their black and white costumes, THE HIVES have great commercial successes such as “Hate Say I Told You So” and “Come on”, among many others. They have five studio albums, including their most recent “Les Hives” (2012) that was recorded and mixed by Grammy winner Andrew Scheps (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele).

THE HIVES return to Spain with a new album and promise not to disappoint. With Randy Fitzsimmons in front they have what many groups look for all their life, charisma and attitude. Today they have collaborated with artists such as Jack White, Cyndi Lauper or Timbaland. Your date at the Torreño festival will be the only one in Andalusia.

In July it is time to put on the sucks and put on the rock boots so as not to miss THE HIVES concert in the most anticipated summer holiday festival, the WEEKEND BEACH FESTIVAL TORRE DEL MAR !!