Swedish metal band Follow The Cipher added to Sabaton Open Air line up

In case you visited Sabaton Open Air back in 2017, you might have seen this quintet on stage before. Their gig back then was highly appreciated – so much in fact – that they landed a record deal although it was only their second appearance together! Since then, they have been travelling the roads in Europe.

FOLLOW THE CIPHER, with their eminent singer Linda Toni Grahn at the forefront, takes you on a journey to an apocalyptic future where we get to atone for our carelessness against Mother Earth. This is not only evident in the music, but also live on stage, visually.

The band’s founder and guitarist, Ken Kängström, once co-wrote Sabaton’s (not entirely unknown) song Carolus Rex among others, and thus got feeling for songwriting. The goal for him was to find a unique sound of their own, and you can say they have succeeded in their Cipher metal! Which is said to be a mix of Nightwish, In Flames and of course Sabaton…

Come, see and experience Falun’s own FOLLOW THE CIPHER at Sabaton Open Air 2020!