Subway to Sally, Van Canto, Unleashed & Cypecore join the Summer Breeze line up

Formed in 1990, SUBWAY TO SALLY came to SUMMER BREEZE for the first time in 2000, and this year will already mark their eighth appearance in Dinkelsbühl.

This means they’re already part of the festival inventory. With their medieval folk metal Eric Fish and Co. are among the biggest acts of the medieval rock scene. So it’s no wonder the Potsdam natives manage every time to fill the Main Stage area. The colorful fireworks display of hits that SUBWAY TO SALLY will deliver ranges from soft and emotional to heavy and danceable.

There is something for everybody! So if you want to be a witness of SUBWAY TO SALLY’s exceptional stage performance and experience the magic first hand, you really shouldn’t miss their show.

Can we call our next confirmation a shooting star? We definitely think so! Please welcome CYPECORE at SUMMER BREEZE 2019!

Just recently the Swabians deservedly won Metal Hammer’s “Up And Coming” award and their last show in Dinkelsbühl drew the masses to the stage. Despite the competition. Your calls for CYPECORE were impossible to ignore, so the guys will plow through the fields with their modern metal again in 2019. And more than enough, that much we (and they) can promise! We can’t reveal more than that just yet…

In 2019 they will celebrate their 30th anniversary – and will be playing live at SUMMER BREEZE: UNLEASHED!

These Swedes are definitely a constant in the death metal genre. Since the beginning of their career they have been dedicated to clearly structured death metal without unnecessary adornments – and that’s the way it should be. Already early on they were writing about viking subjects – long before the term viking metal even existed – so they can and should be considered forefathers of this scene (lyrically, not musically, that’s quite obvious).

The fact that, even after 30 years since their formation, they haven’t lost their fucking touch is proven by the new album ‘The Hunt For White Christ’. And that they can still convince in a live situation, you will see for yourself at SUMMER BREEZE 2019. Nuff said!

With the following confirmation we present you a band that is absolutely unique in the heavy metal genre. The ladies and gentlemen of VAN CANTO are coming to Dinkelsbühl.

If there was really anybody who hasn’t stumbled upon VAN CANTO despite their seven albums, they should know they are dealing with an a capella band. An a capella heavy metal band, to be more precise. VAN CANTO consist of six singers and a drummer. The rhythm and lead guitars, bass and keyboards are imitated using the singers’ voices. So it’s pretty extraordinary what these gentlemen will deliver on stage, and definitely worth a trip to the stage for all open minded listeners among you.