Steel Panther, Tarja, Turisas confirmed for Rock Harz Festival 2020

As organisers promised, the break was only a short one and now they have the next announcement for the first weekend of July 2020. Since all good things are (almost always) three, they have a new hat-trick of band confirmations for you!

“Balls Out”, “Sexy Santa”, “Gloryhole” or “I Got What You Want” – to describe these glam rock heroes, all you need to know are their song titles. Catchy as hell and with a wink as big as the city they come from. They are legends. Successful legends, because the band, founded in 2000 as Metal Shop, regularly ends up in the charts. Their current album as well, and also with probably the greatest title we could imagine as a metal band: “Heavy Metal Rules! Enough said, throw on the hairdryer and the smoothing iron, throw yourselves into glittering bowls, time for a grandiose premiere at the ROCKHARZ 2020: STEEL PANTHER!

In 2011, the former Nightwish front woman gave the ROCKHARZ audience goose bumps. In the meantime a lot has happened, not only with us, but also with the Finnish scene legend. Her solo career has really taken off and she has released some albums. The last one in August of this year, “In The Raw”, which is right at the front in Symphonic Metal’s battle for the album of the year. We bow down to this legendary voice and are happy to welcome her back to the Harz mountains: TARJA!

Finland again, also last time on the ROCKHARZ stage in 2011 – but otherwise quite different. These Finns transform every festival ground into their personal BATTLE METALFIELD. Since 2013, however, there has been peace and quiet, at least as far as releases are concerned. Who knows, who knows … in any case, they finally return to our ROCKHARZ stage: TURISAS!