Slowthai & Princess Nokia added to the Paredes de Coura line up

Rapper SLOWTHAI presents raw and emotionally direct lyrics that unmasked the struggles and concerns of British youth. His loud speech and hyperactive performance are also influenced by grime and punk rock, while his hard and fearless lyrics overflow with compassion and criticism in today’s society.

Northampton native Tryon Frampton earned the nickname SLOWTHAI due to his slow and slurred speech. The British rapper grew up listening to various musical styles from indie to garage and jungle until, as a teenager, he discovered his passion for freestyle rap. The theme “Jiggle” (2016) caused some buzz around his name, but it was with the single “T N Biscuits” and the debut of EP RUNT (2018) that he managed to conquer the specialised press.

In May 2019, Nothing Great About Britain appeared, an open letter to the current state of the British economy and society. Covered with irony and humor, it makes us reflect on the situation in England in the Brexit era and particularly on all the problems faced from poverty and drug addiction to the wage gap. For the first album, SLOWTHAI also had the collaboration of Skepta and Mura Masa.

Born in New York, rapper Destiny Frasqueri, she went through pseudonyms like Destiny and Wavy Spice, until the Finnish brand made the name available, and she could then adopt the well-known name PRINCESS NOKIA.

The autobiographical “Destiny” (2012) was a debut theme, but it was with improvised tracks like “Bitch I’m Posh” and “Yaya” that the young artist extended her community of followers. With the interest of publishers on the rise, their insecurities in relying on the music industry also increased, so she decided to take on PRINCESS NOKIA’s alter ego and independently launch the mixtapes Metallic Butterfly (2014), Honeysuckle (2015) and EP 1992 (2017).

After performing all over the world, the American rapper presents A Girl Cried Red (2018) where she introduced her audience to emo and hip-hop sounds. More recently, he shared “Balenciaga” (2019), a single that opens the door to a new album expected later this year.