Skillet & Don Broco added to the Rock For People line up

SKILLET – The four-member band from Memphis is ranked among the most successful rock bands of the 21st century. They have over 11 small albums sold to their credit, they‘ve got platinum record for their Awake album, they‘re winners of the Billboard Music Awards, and they‘ve been nominated for Grammy Awards several times. Their videos have millions of views on YouTube – just their single Monster alone has over 130 million views. In addition, this single is double platinum and with 57 million views on Spotify, it is the eighth most played song in 2015. We also mustn‘t forget millions of dedicated fans around the world…

Since their inception in 1996, SKILLET have undergone a few personal changes. The current composition of John Cooper (founding member), Korey Cooper, Jen Ledger and Seth Morisson has stabilized in 2011; in for two years they released the album Rise.

They’ve already released eight albums, their ninth, Unleashed, will be released in less than two weeks. According to his own words, John Copper started to work on Unleashed as soon as they released Rise. The form of the album grew on him during their European tour, on which they supported Nickelback and, and for the first time introduced themselves to the Czech audience. After successful concerts in Brno and Prague, they return to the Czech Republic with a record Victorious.

Also joining the 2020 line up are DON BROCO – a vigorous rock band from the British Isles that will take your breath away. Sharp guitar riffs, sophisticated compositions, and energy rolling from all sides.

At the beginning of 2018, they got a ton of recognition for their third album Technology, which is praised by critics. After all, they were supported by a great producer duo Jason Perry and Dan Lancester. DON BROCO is known for their original music videos and they went a step further with their last album by creating Technology – The Video Game (for Android and IOS). In case you feel like running away from the UFO, go for it!

The band released a brand new single called Action in September 2019.

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