Princess Nokia will stir up Colors of Ostrava 2022

PRINCESS NOKIA hates injustice and is always on the lookout for women’s, minority and LGBT community rights. He is one of the Nuyorican, nicknamed the Puerto Rican-New York community, and the tradition of his ancestors, including the santerium religion, has never lost sight of him. That’s why she calls herself a ghetto and means underground punk and gay clubs in the Lower East Side, from whose DIY culture the rapper, composer, producer, fashion icon, actress and author of the watched feminist podcast Smart Girl Club Radio still draws. She has a permanent team of friends around her and insists on creative freedom: that’s why she never signed up for any label.

“I don’t think there are many women in the world like me. And I enjoy being such a woman. Because I’m going to tear down more doors” says Destiny Nicole Frasqueri, who refuses to play by any rules from the beginning and still doesn’t fit into any genre boxes. Under Nicky Wavy Spice and Destiny tried emo, rock, grime, punk and pop, but as PRINCESS NOKIA she firmly established herself in the hip hop and R&B genres!

She became famous for her explosive concerts and songs Bitch I’m Posh, Yaya or Dragons. However, her launch debut album 1992 Deluxe became a launching ramp for great success and a European concert tour, with shaky hits Tomboy, Kitana and Brujas, accompanied by captivating video clips.

She grew up in Harlem when she was ten, and her mother died of AIDS. She went through a number of foster families and children’s homes. The latter, as she tells in the documentary Destiny, escaped “with three dollars in her pocket and a three-quarters charged mobile phone flashlight.” Hence her pseudonym: cheap Obamaphone, the US government distributed free to the poorest.

I have lived my life in suffering, pain, depression, trauma, but it no longer bothers me. Music was the only real way I could get out of the darkest places in my life. I’m only interested in music

Princess Nokia