Primal Scream confirmed for Sweden’s Storsjöyran festival

PRIMAL SCREAM with charismatic singer Bobby Gillespie at the head is ready for Storsjöyran in Östersund. The iconic Scottish rock group’s concert in Östersund will be the only one in Sweden this summer.

The group is currently performing the album MAXIMUM ROCK “N” ROLL, which collects the biggest songs from the band’s long career.

For us, Primal Scream has been a wish book for many years and a few times it has been close but the stars have not been right until this year!

Andréa Wiktorsson, Storsjöyran artist manager

PRIMAL SCREAM got its big commercial breakthrough in 1991 with the album ‘Screamadelica’, which today is considered pioneering, where classic rock ‘n’ role was cross-fertilized with electronic club music.

Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll – PRIMAL SCREAM’s new album released on May 25. A single collection whose name really puts its finger on what the Scottish band was always about. Life-bearing, hip-shaking rock n ‘role with the controls of max.

With songs like “Rocks”, “Movin ‘on Up”, “Country Girl”, “Higher Than the Sun”, “Loaded”, “Velocity Girl”, “Jailbird”, “Kowalski”, “Kill All Hippies” and ” Come Together ” PRIMAL SCREAM, with its genuine passion for music history, has written itself into the rock history books as one of the big names.

This summer they are on a comprehensive tour that follows the release of Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll and reaches Sweden in August for an exclusive concert at Storsjöyran.