New Order confirmed as headliner for Weekend City Madrid Festival 2019

The festival, which will be held in Ifema on September 20 and 21, also confirms SIDECARS, DELLAFUENTE, AYAX and PROK and ANTÍLOPEZ. In the Electronic Hall you can see JAMIE JONES, EATS EVERYTHING, HENRY SAIZ live band, HORACIO CRUZ and LA FLEUR.

WEEKEND CITY MADRID makes its second artistic release public with one of the strongest international bets of late summer, the legendary British band NEW ORDER.

From the ashes of the historic post-punk band Joy Division, NEW ORDER was born, triumphed over the tragedy and became one of the most influential and acclaimed groups of the eighties. When Ian Curtis, Joy Division’s charismatic voice, took his own life tragically, the remaining trio, Bernard Sumner (guitar), Peter Hook (bass) and Stephen Morris (drummer) dissolved the group but not much later they created New Order, with the addition of Gillian Gilbert (keyboardist and guitarist). Sumner had to put himself at the head of the band as a vocalist. His incredible post punk sound combined with influences from the NY club scene turned out to be cosmopolitan and brilliant being authentic generators of singles, his 12-inch “Blue Monday” was the best selling in the history of music. Throughout the eighties they were one of the key bands in which a whole generation has been reflected.

The festival is also aimed at new generations who love urban music and its variants, and with them it allies solidly confirming the performance on the one hand of one of the most outstanding hip hop artists of the last five years, DELLAFUENTE, a artist from Granada who has revolutionised the way of understanding music and marketing. His songs, full of experiences of daily life, have connected with a generation that is reflected in their way of feeling and transmitting.

This second announcement also adds one of the best hip hop groups of the moment, AYAX and PROK. Natives of Granada, the brothers come back to believe in a common project that is a real load of dynamite that drills the soul and invites reflection in a world of dispersion. AYAX and PROK have won the respect of everyone with rap with conscience, making denunciation, song and revolution, art.

The youth rock and roll band from Madrid’s Alameda de Osuna neighborhood, SIDECARS, is also one of the strong names of the WEEKEND CITY MADRID in its first edition. They put us against the ropes not long ago and now they return to the fold in their city to shout that it is only a matter of gravity. Juancho, Ruly and Gerbas present their fifth studio album, songs made with the heart, with electric weight and acoustic touch. SIDECARS come with force to a public that awaits them with much desire.

In the freest section it confirms the participation of the most eclectic and original band that has given birth to this country, the Huelva duo ANTÍLOPEZ, essential in any musical event. His “detachment from routine” is not accidental, it has led him to be considered as an “axis” band in our most current scenario. They will present their latest work “Dibujo libre”, their fourth album-show chiripop.

The Electronic Hall of WEEKEND CITY MADRID opens with the first names that already add to the first date with the festival in Madrid. JAMIE JONES is an essential artist on the international circuit. Habitual on labels such as Get Physical, Crosstown Rebels, B Pitch Control or Cocoon, in addition to his own label Hot Creations in which he has developed a characteristic sound that proposes a warmer side of electronics. This British producer is a regular in Ibiza where he has collaborated with sessions like Circo Loco and headed projects like Paradise. It will be a real luxury to have your performance, leading the electronic programming.

Weekend City Festival 2019 Madrid poster

Daniel Pierce arrives with his EATS EVERYTHING project. A name that climbed meteorically in 2011 with the support of heavyweights from the global scene such as Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler or Carl Cox. Since then his career has been dizzying, with constant production and presence in the most important festivals and clubs on the circuit.

One of the national producers with more weight is undoubtedly HENRY SAIZ. A multidisciplinary artist, as demonstrated by the production of his latest work “Human” (2018), with a strong visual component. The Catalan will arrive at WEEKEND CITY MADRID with its live format accompanied by a band. An unconventional staging of a live based on electronics. It will be a very original performance in the Electronic Hall of the Madrid festival.

The techno fans could not miss out in this first advance for the most eclectic festival of the Capital. The most visceral sound will come from the hand of HORACIO CRUZ, one of the DJs and national producers consecrated in the circuit. LA FLEUR will present the feminine part in the Electronic Hall of Weekend City. Techno signed by this Swedish production company residing in Berlin, also director of its own label, Power Plant Records.

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