Municipal Waste confirmed for Alcatraz Festival

Two decades into their career, Richmond, Virginia natives MUNICIPAL WASTE are still massive aggressive.

Contrary to such contemporaries and full-blown thrash bands as Havok and Suicidal Angels, MUNICIPAL WASTE’s output is more akin to hardcore, putting them in the same category as D.R.I. and Suicidal Tendencies – the band members call it speed metal punk.

Known for their over-the-top sense of humour, these masters at the art of partying are also master builders, although the only walls they build are walls of death. Looking for a T-shirt? How about the classic MUNICIPAL WASTE T-shirt featuring The Donald blowing his brains out? Social criticism but always tongue in cheek, just the way we like it. On the recording front their most recent EP ‘The Last Rager’ is just the precursor to a full album so the follow-up to ‘Slime and Punishment’ (2017) should drop sometime this year.

Alcatraz regulars will know that crowdsurfing is a firm tradition at a MUNICIPAL WASTE show but so is counting scrapes and bruises. First, though, Municipal Waste is gonna… right!!