Mister Misery confirmed for Sabaton Open Air 2020

Blood. Candlelight. Red roses. Black velvet. The very essence of goth!

MISTER MISERY, this relatively new Stockholm-based quartet is the next band out on the Sabaton Open Air line up for the summer of 2020. This is what we will be served, combined with ripping guitars and where the inspiration is coming from the self-experienced misery that life sometimes offers us.

All portrayed on stage through their black outfit and white painted faces. Musically, they have no limitations – if it is good, it´s good.

And despite their youth (vampires never grow old, do they?) – this is a band with experience. In this constellation they have already had the opportunity to tour both in Sweden as abroad in Europe, before entering one of our stages in Falun this summer.

Mister Misery play Sabaton Open Air 2020 poster