Marshmello to close day 2 at Pinkpop 2020

While with POST MALONE organisers have already announced a unique headliner for the Saturday of Pinkpop, MARSHMELLO adds another top-notch format. After Post Malone, the American DJ / producer will close the second festival day with an unparalleled show.

Everyone loves pink caps, but the MARSHMELLO outfit is a must! Workaholic MARSHMELLO – aka Christopher Comstock – aka Dotcom – has been collaborating with rappers, producers and pop acts all over the world for a few years now.

From his first single Keep It Mello in 2015 it hit, with hit after hit after hit, in the Western and Eastern and the virtual world, because even Fortnite is not safe for the twenties from Philadelphia. No doubt Joytime, and you can count on him getting the whole Mellogang jumping in Landgraaf!