Macklemore to close Brännbollsyran Festival in Sweden with a Bang!

American world star MACKLEMORE headlines Brännbollsyran 2022 in Umeå, Sweden on Sunday 5th June with his only gig in Sweden 2022.

MACKLEMORE from Seattle in the USA is one of the world’s most popular and streamed hip-hop acts. Following the breakthrough and success of colleague Ryan Lewis, Ben “Macklemore” Haggerty chose to focus on his solo career. The hit singles from his solo career include songs like “Glorius”, “These Days”, “Good Old Days” and “Summer Days”. These songs have been streamed over three billion times. Add to that the singles “Can’t Hold Us Down” and “Thrift Shop” along with Ryan Lewis which has also been streamed billions of times.

MACKLEMORE ends the festival’s Sunday 5th June on the Arena Stage with a huge stage show.