Macklemore joins the Colors of Ostrava 2023 line up!

American rapper, musician and composer MACKLEMORE becomes the next star of the Colors of Ostrava 2023 festival!

His melodically elaborate songs have reached billions of plays and topped the charts all over the world. Together with producer Ryan Lewis, he won four Grammy awards in 2014 for his debut album The Heist and the single Thrift Shop. In July, he will bring an epic show to the main stage in Ostrava, which will offer visitors a great spectacle – with many other musicians and dancers. At the same time, he announced the release of a new album in the spring of 2023.

When organisers saw MACKLEMORE in concert, they knew we wanted to have him. It’s an experience, unlike the usual rap concerts, MACKLEMORE is accompanied by a live band with a big set, choreography and the like.

MACKLEMORE has become famous all over the world with his rap transformed into intoxicating pop entertainment. First in a pair with producer Ryan Lewis, later on his own with songs full of catchy melodies, memorable choruses and most importantly accompanied by great and danceable video clips with a billion views, in which many guests sang with him.

I want to be someone who has respect and not just about music. I want to be respected also because of how I treat people… Music is my creative expression of what is important to me, what is valuable to me. And because of that, I want to be respected.


From the beginning of his career, MACKLEMORE has strongly opposed any form of racism, supporting the rights and dignity of the LGBT+ community. His song “Same Love” became the unofficial jingle of the Washington campaign to legalize same-sex marriage. He also sang it during the acceptance of the Grammys, when Madonna and Mary Lambert joined him, while Queen Latifah celebrated the mass wedding of thirty-three homosexual and heterosexual couples live, who were also congratulated by shaking hands with Paul McCartney.