Lukas Graham confirmed for Storsjöyran Festival

LUKAS GRAHAM belongs to the exclusive crowd of artists who have a song played over a billion times on Spotify. The single “7 Years” has topped the charts in 13 countries, the debut album has sold platinum 10 times and the group has been Grammy nominated three times in the USA.

The breakthrough hit “7 Years” was followed by list-top singles such as “Mama Said”, “Love Someone”, “Full in the Morning”, “You Don’t Be There” and tours around the world. At home in Denmark, they sold five arena concerts on the latest tour, which in total attracted more than 80,000 happy fans.

Singer and songwriter Lukas Forchhammer is LUKAS GRAHAM’s front figure. The group has grown into one of the largest international Danish stars ever and is the Nordic artist that has played the most in the last decade. A senseless success story for the guys with their roots in the sanctuary of Christiania’s rugged neighborhood in Copenhagen. LUKAS GRAHAM is currently touring the world with their third album, “3 (The Purple Album)”, which showcased more of the band’s ability to write modern, urban pop with equal parts relaxed soul-swing as a string of Nordic melancholy. The album went directly into Top 3 on the Swedish album list.

Storsjöyran festival in Östersund will take place on the 31st July – 1st August 1. Artists already announced include The Ark, Lars Winnerbäck, Iggy Azalea (AUS), Magnus Uggla, Miss Li, Smith & Thell, Newkid, Old, Dree Low, Stefan Sundström, Moonica Mac, Ellen Krauss, Snövit, Arif (NO) and Trespassing. A total of more than 40 artists will perform during the festival days.