Lowlands Festival adds 20 new names to their 2022 line up!

Summer time? Time for new names! Hip hop, dance, (electro) pop, soul and worldly beats; you will also see these 20 acts at Lowlands festival in August!

BURNA BOY – Afropop, dancehall and R&B, plus a bit of hip hop form the music menu of this good-natured Nigerian, currently by far the most popular artist on African soil.

FRENNA DELUXE – One thing is for sure: this spectacular Frenna Deluxe package guarantees a downhill party of un-Dutch proportions.

JACK HARLOW – A fresh sound, a calm aura and sharp raps with an old-school flow; this rapper from Kentucky is surfing high on a new wave of American hip hop.

KEVIN & THE ANIMALS – Narrative rap from Rotterdam, lazily and calmly dropped by the Slowflowanimal and his live band, who are now selling Rotterdam Ahoy with ease.

THE KOOKS – Fifteen years after their debut ‘Inside In / Inside Out’, these tireless British Lowlands favorites are once again celebrating hard in Biddinghuizen. Dancing, jumping, roaring – you know the drill.

OSCAR AND THE WOLF – Max Colombie and his Flemish makers come to Biddinghuizen with their latest album ‘The Shimmers’, again a masterpiece full of R&B, EDM and synth pop.

CARIBOU – This Canadian brings his sparkling mime world to life with dream pop jams, danceable house grooves, psychedelic rocking synth basses and catchy indie hooks.

DECLAN MCKENNA – Beresterke Britpop from a singer / songwriter who sounds like Joe Jackson and Jarvis Cocker are having a rocking and refreshing conversation with Chris Martin.

DUBIOZA COLLECTIVE – The horns are from the party, the tempo is high and the mood is euphoric. So it’s dancing when they sound ska and reggae beats based on Balkan reading far beyond the tent hairs.

ENNY – This London rapper and singer wraps her no-nonsense hip-hop poetry in a soft blanket of supple jazz, soothing soul and flowing R&B.

FKJ: Alternating between synthesizers, guitars, samplers and saxophone, this French multi-instrumentalist creates relaxed groovy, blissful jazzy jams.

GAYLE – The catchy pop gems of this young American singer / songwriter are already tapping more than half a billion streams with their biggest choruses and high furniture content.

COFFEE: A delicious bowl of ragga muffin from Jamaica, glowing hot served with steaming reggae and muddy dancehall beats from the turntable.

REMI WOLF – Explosive cocktail of pop soul, sparkling chill doll, psychedelic mezzanine rock and jazzy funkams from an extroverted American with ADHD stage energy.

YVES TUMOR – From uptempo noise to lazy lounge; this adventurous American mixes and matches genres into a tasty, often staple-chaotic cocktail – and throws a nice scoop on top of it live.

KAMO MPHELA – Loosen your stiff Dutch hips according to the strict instructions of this house queen and ampiano-MC from Soweto.

LAUREN SANDERSON – This American with a fine Joplin crack on the throat knows how to expertly break down a tent, in this case with catchy pop rock, rough beats and a sniff of R&B.

NANA ADJOA – This self-proclaimed sonic explorer from Amsterdam loves to experiment, and always comes up with great pleasure dolls in the warmest color shades.

TKAY MAIDZA – This Zimbabwean-born and Under Under-born singer and rapper seamlessly switches between contrasting, soulful R&B and tough hip-hop.

YUSSEF DAYES – It does not often happen that drummers demand all the attention. This Londoner takes you on a swinging, mesmerizing journey along funk, reggae, trip hop, breakbeats and jazz.

Lowlands Festival 2022 2nd poster