Legion of the Damned, Oceans of Slumber & Turbobier added to Summer Breeze 2019

Day 7 of the annual Summer Breeze Open Air advent band releases, what is in store for us today?

Our next confirmation will cause quite a stir at SUMMER BREEZE 2019: LEGION OF THE DAMNED!

Formed in 2004, the band play a mix of fast thrash and death metal. Their songs usually possess a dark and morbid atmosphere, dealing with subjects such as black magic, war, violence and references to christianity and satanism. LEGION OF THE DAMNED quickly made a name for themselves touring with bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Kataklysm and Behemoth from early on in their career.

Since 2014 the Dutch have added a touch of diversity to their style by adding some blackened melodies and solos to their already aggressive music. For their next demonic attack on Dinkelsbühl they are bringing their new album ‘Slaves of the Shadow Realm’, which will see the light of day on the 4th of January 2019. When this band play, blood will flow and stages will burn! Watch out!

With our next confirmation everyone will be able to expand their horizon a little bit, because OCEANS OF SLUMBER should rather be called Oceans Of Diversity.

According to the band themselves, their repertoire ranges from country to jazz to extreme metal and everything in between. With their latest album, the Houston-based progressive metal band managed a wild rollercoaster ride made of 13 breathtaking compositions.

Now the Texans led by frontwoman Cammie Gilbert are coming to SUMMER BREEZE to introduce their latest record ‘The Banished Heart’ to all of you. It doesn’t matter whether you are a total thrasher, Satan lover, true unicorn metalhead or tender soft rock fan, there’s something for everyone!

Partying people, sore vocal cords and many beers destroyed, all of that is what awaits our next confirmation at their 2019 show: TURBOBIER are coming back to the BREEZE!

Since their last, highly successful gig at our festival, the Austrian punk rockers haven’s had one free minute, getting ready to release a new record before August 2019 in order to premier it at SUMMER BREEZE. After their last Dinkelsbühl appearance exceeded all expectations, you can look forward to a big fat party with the Viennese in 2019. So get your drinking horns and cups and make sure your vocal cords are lubricated when TURBOBIER set out for another triumph at SUMMER BREEZE.