Lamb of God & more announced for Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia 2019


This year is the one organisers have the biggest number of bands from the most voted ranking, and still more to come! Furthermore, now we know when they will announce the last headliner, a very powerful band that everybody will love! They will play on Saturday 6th July, it will be announced on 1st January, and there’s no better way to start the year.

Leading the new bands we have LAMB OF GOD, whose last festival appearance was at Resurrection Fest 2013, and they’re returning bigger than ever with an exclusive show in our country to destroy our necks. After selling our their tour in their first visit to Spain, the best new act in the extreme scene, BATUSHKA and their black metal will also be in our festival with their whole scenography that extreme metal fans can’t miss. If you prefer grindcore, you can also enjoy the funny show of SERRABULHO, from Portugal. 

If you’re more into post-metal, the Desert Stage will shine thanks to the Swedes THE OCEAN, who just released their new album. In the same stage, we’ll also have the psychedelic rock from Sweden’s TROUBLED HORSE and THE BLACK WIZARDS from Portugal.

With a brand new album, we had to invite again one of our favourite hardcore bands, TERROR. From Sweden, we’ll also have the punk-rockers MISCONDUCT and from Canada we’ll have MUTE. If you like post-hardcore, from France we’ll have BIRDS IN ROW for the first time and from Wales we’ll have BRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL back. 

In the Spanish team, as usual we’ll have a very good and interesting selection of bands. In the metal part, we’ll have WORMED, VHÄLDEMAR, BROTHERS TILL WE DIE, CHILDRAIN, TALESIEN and LÓSTREGOS. For those of you who leans towards punk and hardcore we’ll have a blast with MISIVA, THE BLACK PANTHYS PARTY, ERASO!, AVIDA DOLLARS, CABOVERDE, CATORCE, JUST and LESS FORTUNATE SONGS. Last but not least, in our stoner and post-metal stage we’ll have COBRA, WET CACTUS, SYBERIA, CRÓ!, BONES OF MINERVA, MØURΔ, ELECTRIC MONOLITH and VOLTAIA

Tickets will be keep at our current reduced price of 129 € + fees until 30th November at 23:59. From that day and on, prices will be increased, so hurry to get your tickets. You can’t miss this edition!

The whole lineup right now looks like this:

Resurrection Fest 2019 Spain latest poster with Lamb of God