Kvelertak confirmed for Bergenfest 2022

You can and should expect a KVELERTAK in high gear when summer and Bergenfest arrives!

Few dare to challenge the claim that KVELERTAK is the country’s rawest rock band – both on record and on stage! They have proven this again and again as the tours have become longer and bigger, and the catalog fuller. Their original amalgam of classic hard rock and extreme metal is something fans around the world have learned to appreciate and have in turn given them a wide field of application across genre boundaries and groupings. To put it that way, you will not be hand-picked to warm up for Metallica on their giant European tour for no reason.

The band’s latest album, “Splid”, was another firework of riff expertise, heartbreaking tempo changes and an energy that shook the most well-run hard rock consumers. And this despite the fact that KVELERTAK had changed members in two vital positions. Newcomers Ivar Nikolaisen and Håvard Takle Ohr have been involved in pushing the Rogaland sextet a few steps further with new tools and new musical possibilities.