KORN, Gogol Bordello, Baroness & Lionheart play Greenfield Festival 2021

Just in time for the run-up to Christmas, Greenfield festival are giving you four more bands for next summers festival line up!  They have announced KORN as the third, brutal headliner, in addition to GOGOL BORDELLO, BARONESS and LIONHEART.

KORN changed the world with the release of their debut album of the same name. It was a record that paved the way for a genre, while the band’s continued success points to a bigger cultural moment. KORN became the soundtrack for the awakening of a whole generation as a growling, brutal, thrashing freak show.

GOGOL BORDELLO – The most famous gypsy punk band in the world brings the folk among the people, leaving no hips stiff and no throat dry. Their current album “Seekers and Finders” is a very magical as well as playful album, which highlights the transcontinental lifestyle of the Gogol family in all aspects. … The Good, The Bad and the Snugly!

BARONESS – The experimental rock band Baroness, nominated for a Grammy, returns with their most ambitious work to date, the fifth album “Gold & Gray”. In the past fifteen years, Baroness have migrated from Sludge Metal to Progressive Metal and beyond. On their journey, Baroness seem to have found their place in the musical universe.

LIONHEART – with their mixture of hardcore and metal, has to be seen live. We are already looking forward to your appearance at the Greenfield Festival, which will go off like a nuclear power plant in a complete meltdown. Don’t miss it!

Greenfield Festival 2021 Korn poster