King Diamond & Crippled Black Phoenix to play Summerbreeze 2019


All hail the King! With the next confirmation we will probably increase the heart rate of not just all old school fans among our patrons, because KING DIAMOND have announced they are paying us a visit!

King Diamond Summerbreeze 2019
The cult group led by its namesake and Mercyful Fate mastermind not only deeply influenced countless bands, but remain absolutely unique until today. With their old school metal, their theatrics and, last but not least, the insane voice of the King himself, the band has set standards with their shows that are second to none. And since his majesty the King and his court aren’t often seen in Germany, we are all the more stoked that the band will make an appearance at SUMMER BREEZE 2019. Don’t. Miss. This!

Post rock, prog rock, new art rock, stoner doom… these are but a few different tags our next confirmation has been labelled with, that’s how wide their musical scope is. We’re talking about CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX, who will be at SUMMER BREEZE for the first time in 2019.

Crippled Black Phoenix to play Summerbreeze 2019
Equally as wide is the spectrum of fans attracted by the Bristol band: almost everything from black metal fans to blues rockers to hippies can be found in their audience. You see, this band is for everyone, not least because their current album ‘Great Escape’ turned out so incredibly great and beautiful it made even their fiercest critics shut up. Make sure you check out this cool band, you are in for an incredibly intense concert experience! Promised!