Kendrick Lamar, The Killers, Pet Shop Boys and Bad Bunny lead the first confirmations for Bilbao BBK Live 2020

Today the first names of the 2020 edition are announced, which include CARIBOU, FOUR TET, SUPERGRASS, THE RAPTURE and EL COLUMPIO ASESINO. The festival will take place from July 9th to 11th in Kobetamendi.

KENDRICK LAMAR – who will offer this unique show in the country is the most influential rapper of the genre, and one of the most relevant artists in the history of music, winner of a Pulitzer Prize and an Oscar, and of the few (yes not the only one) in placing several of his works on most of the lists of the best albums of the last decade. His interest in political and social issues, coupled with the lyricism of his compositions, have made him a creator who transcends the musical field to be one of the most influential personalities of the popular culture of our century.

THE KILLERS is another of the protagonists of this first announcement of the Bilbao BBK Live. The Las Vegas band lives one of its sweetest moments in Europe. Those of Brandon Flowers will arrive in Bilbao with a new album under their arm – which will be published in spring and which, for the moment, they have not let anyone hear!

PET SHOP BOYS will be in Bilbao with the first Greatest Hits show in its history. The band, always at the forefront and with quality proposals, has billed hymns that occupy space in the popular imaginary alongside great pop classics and has placed more than 40 singles in the UK’s top 30 (including 22 Top 10 and 4 Nº1 ). In Kobetamendi they will review their successes with a great pop show and a production that lives up to his repertoire.

BAD BUNNY took advantage of the recent Latin Grammy ceremony, where he picked up the award for Best Urban Music Album, to claim reggeaton as part of Latin culture, something of which there is little doubt now, when even Time magazine has just Include in your 100 Next list as one of the personalities that will shape the future. At Bilbao BBK Live organisers wanted to lead, along with Kendrick Lamar himself, their commitment to urban sounds.

Fans of dream pop will have CARIBOU (if there is anyone left who dares to label him after he has heard his most recent single, ‘Home’). Following the electronics, there is FOUR TET, a project with which the Britian Kieran Hebden has published some crucial albums of the genre. A restless and risky creator, he has the strange ability to make his most experimental compositions still suitable for the dance floor. And if we talk about artists that are difficult to classify, we cannot fail to name the Swedish IONNALEE | IAMAMIWHOAMI, with his project on horseback between music and audiovisual. Less known, but certainly attractive to the most curious, beats with roots in traditional Arabic music of the very interesting ACID ARAB. For those looking for some introspection, we have the delicate and environmental electronics from KELLY KELLY OWENS.

Another big name, that of the happily reunited SUPERGRASS. In 2020, 25 years of his mythical ‘I Should Coco’ will be celebrated and celebrated with a compilation and a tour that will only pass through Bilbao BBK Live. In previous editions we have already danced with Suede and with the Gallagher brothers, so organisers could not let the most wildly funny band that has left Britain (with permission of Happy Mondays) escape. And if we talk about meetings worth celebrating, that of THE RAPTURE, which announced earlier this year their return to the stage and Kobetamendi will be one of those stages they step on.

One who is not Latin, but from Madrid, but sings that he always wanted to be like Héctor Lavoe, may be close to achieving it: KAYDY CAIN PRESENTS SALSA DURA, a project with which he intends to pass his own repertoire through the sauce sieve. Rap and hip-hop will also be well represented by names like those of SLOWTHAI, rabid narrator of post-Brexit Britain, or Estonian TOMMY CASH, one of the most avant-garde proposals of the genre. Of course, there will be room for new talents, such as the white boy from Granada, whose work drinks both house and trap and aims to be one of the national revelations in 2020, or ERIK URANO, which we call “new” with his mouth Small because yours begins to be an open secret.

Bilbao BBK Live 2020 first acts poster

Aiming closer to home and for those who enjoy equally synthesizers and guitar riffs we must not miss EL COLUMPIO ASESINO, which they have already left us or listen to two advances of what will be his next album (five years have been made to beg!) and are one of the most anticipated national names with LEON BENAVENTE, whose brand new album “Let’s go crazy” is also loaded with synthesizers. Both them and CARIÑO have already had a good season among the favorites of the festive public and we have not wanted them to be missing from the poster.

Those who like to explore the poster looking for jewels will have already noticed YVES TUMOR. Often qualified as avant-garde or even as high culture, the adjective that is most attributed to him is of genius. With that we stay. Praised by the specialized critics come THE MURDER CAPITAL, and it seems that the Dublin scene is in a state of grace. We also invite you to look at WHITNEY. The Chicago band is barely visible in Spain and its acoustic guitars, almost always wrapped in careful winds and vocal harmonies, are a delight for the ears. Another proposal of very personal guitars is that of TINARIWEN, whose predicament among the European public does not stop multiplying after each tour. From Japan, the hilarious CHAI. Irony and shameless in abundance make us understand that they have baptized ‘Punk’ to their latest album even though pop is theirs.

We continue with the incombustible HINDS, one of our most international bands and that continues to reap success with every concert of its kind in Europe. Totally distanced stylistically, but not so much in regards to its crazy staging, we have CALIFATO 3/4, a cocktail shaker where flamenco, post-rock and trap doses are skilfully shaken. To finish with the jewels to discover, three diamonds: the very young DORA, benjamina of our cartel, of which at the moment we only know two singles, produced by Pional, who invite you to follow her closely. YANA ZAFIRO, comes from Murcia and, before, from Ukraine, author of brilliant letters in which she goes from English to Spanish with the same apparent ease that her sound travels from pop to electronic. And, take note of this name, OMAGO, basques have a first EP published just a few days ago, their name probably doesn’t sound too much right now, but we suspect that that will have changed in July.

Beyond the artistic proposal, the natural environment of Kobetamendi that hosts the concerts adds, one more year, the privileged location of the campsite, which will be located on the top of Mount Arraiz, ideal for nature lovers who come these days to the festival from outside Bilbao. To facilitate the experience, the possibility of accessing organized trips is offered from the festival website. The bonds are already for sale and can also be paid in installments.

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