Indie Rockers Foals confirmed for Eurockéennes Festival

One of the most famous groups in the indie rock scene, with a fan base to make pop stars pale, the British quartet FOALS already came to Eurockéennes Festival in 2010 and 2016 continues tirelessly, album after album, to stir the crowds of the whole world.

Formed after the separation of the ex-gang, deemed “not fun enough”, from their leader Yannis Philippakis, the FOALS have since caught up well. Pure concentration of jerky and irresistibly dancing rhythms, between math rock and afrobeat, each new release is from the point of view of its interpretation in live, a big challenge to take up. A rule which is not derogated from Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, their double LP released in 2019, but which should not however intimidate our tireless friends, always ready to ensure the show.

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