Iggy Azalea and Magnus Uggla confirmed for Sweden’s Storsjöyran Festival

With 48 million albums sold and great success with songs like Black Widow, Kream (feat. Tyga) and Billboard single Fancy, IGGY AZALEA is one of hip hop’s big names. On Friday 31st July, she will visit Storsjöyran.

With her Atlanta-inspired rap and his controversial persona, IGGY AZALEA has secured a place as one of hip hop’s most colorful characters. She was born in 1990 as Amethyst Amelia Kelly in Sydney, Australia. As a 16-year-old, she moved alone to the United States to pursue her dream of breaking through as an artist and being close to the music she loves, hip-hop.

The debut album The New Classic was released in 2014 and the same year she succeeded with the piece of art to place herself as one and two on the American singles list with the aforementioned Fancy and Ariana Grande collaboration Problem. A performance no debutant since The Beatles succeeded.

In recent years, she has released a large number of standalone singles and EPs, but as a result of complicated record label disputes, it was not until 2019 the second full-length album came, In My Defense. A comeback she quickly follows up with new music in 2020.

He has shit in everything and crocheted everyone throughout his career. And loved it. But nobody else can deliver MAGNUS UGGLA’S way in such a charming and intriguing packaging.

As a glam rock’s Karl Gerhard, MAGNUS UGGLA has built his very own nest in the Swedish music fauna. With his 17 studio albums he has given us hits such as “King for a Day”, “I’m Feeling Bad”, “Foul Guys”, “4 Seconds” and “Warning on the Town”. Or for that matter “Weathering”, “Johnny The Rocker”, “The Astrologer” and “Dancing Never Sober”.

The eight years since MAGNUS UGGLA last visited Storsjöyran have, to say the least, been eventful. He has done two tavern shows, “Magnus the Great” and “Warning on the town now the king in the bar is bad again”, set up the autobiographical monologue “Hello! Pop music, kicking clothes “on Dramaten, starred in SVT’s Stars at the castle, and published his second book The only way to suffer a concert is to stand on stage yourself. And of course participated in TV4’s So much better not less than twice. A contribution that perhaps more than anyone has contributed to the great popularity MAGNUS UGGLA today enjoys, not least through the monumental success with the interpretation of Olle Ljungström’s “Me and my father”.

In short, it is a true icon, equally defiant and popular, who takes on Storsjöyran on Saturday 1st August!