Hatebreed confirmed for Belgium’s Alcatraz Festival

Hardcore is a genre we’ve always associated with sweltering clubs where the ceilings drip sweat as the moshing faithful unleash tonnes of pent-up energy in the pit – in our opinion that’s still the ideal environment for a hardcore gig.

Every year during the outdoor festival season a wide selection of hardcore bands feature on the line-up of festivals everywhere but no hardcore outfit is so adept at translating the genre vibe to a larger outdoor setting as HATEBREED.

Based out of Bridgeport, Connecticut, HATEBREED are known for their singular amalgam of hardcore, crossover and thrash. Throughout their 25 years on the scene they have exhibited an amazing ability to blend these genres into an exciting cocktail that effortlessly bridges the gap between subgenres.

Frontman Jamey Jasta oozes charisma and in the past both Jasta and HATEBREED have collaborated successfully with countless colleagues from other subgenres. HATEBREED are one of hardcore’s leading lights, a reputation they’ve confirmed time and again both on stages worldwide and in the studio. Make no mistake, the power these metalcore progenitors develop will knock you off your feet. Just have a quick listen to ‘The Divinity of Purpose’ (2013) or ‘The Concrete Professional’ (2016): time hasn’t dulled their edge and we have no doubt they will take the Prison Stage by storm.