Gorillaz in concert at We Love Green Festival 2nd June 2022

This time it’s official: WE LOVE GREEN is coming back in 2022 with GORILLAZ on Thursday 2nd June, 2022, for a special Festival opening night!

DAMON ALBARN and his bandmates will appear at the WE LOVE GREEN festival for a unique date in Paris with a cast of exceptional, previously unseen guest performers to play their latest album, their all-time hits, and to celebrate with us their 20th anniversary

On the program: the unforgettable classics, new collaborations, a new technological show that promises once again to be whimsical & scathing, and a myriad of sounds, styles, genres, and attitudes from a breathtaking cast of guest artists… And to underscore their commitment, find a series of speeches, forums, debates at the heart of the festival…

GORILLAZ at WE LOVE GREEN, means avant-garde sound, strong images, and great ideas!