Gojira, Arch Enemy, Millencolin & more join the Resurrection Fest 2019 line up

What a better holiday present than new bands for Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia 2019! Before starting, organisers would also like to announce that on 13th January their current ticket offer will be over and after that day their price will be their final price. They have sold more than 85% of the full passes, so don’t miss it, hurry before the price is up or they sell out.

Leading this round we have two of the most anticipated bands for this edition. “Les enfants sauvages”, Resurrection’s French friends from GOJIRA couldn’t say no to an invitation for one of the best lineups in the festivals history, and they will be on the main stage once again, being one of the most requested bands once again. It will be their only show in Spain, and it’s going to be mental!

Since they will be releasing a new cover album next year, Alissa White-Gluz and her Swedish friends in ARCH ENEMY are returning to Viveiro to give us another incredible performance for all the melodic death metal lovers our there. We will rise!

We stay in Sweden because MILLENCOLIN are also releasing a new album, it has been so many years since they played here and they will come to the festival to premiere it, we can’t wait for it! From the North of Europe, we go to Navarre, because our dear friends in BERRI TXARRAK announced their farewell tour. We’re sad they’re leaving, but they couldn’t leave us without saying goodbye in our festival. It will be a very emotional concert, we’re sure!

One of the most international Spanish metal acts, CRISIX, are playing in some of the best festivals in the world this year, and they had to be here too with their fans! Along with them, we’ll have a good selection of Spanish bands like KITAI, DAGLA, CLOSE TO THE SKY, CATHEXIA, PERPETUAL NIGHT. CONTROL DE PLAGAS. NEILA, CABEZA DE CABALLO, CORDURA, BACK IN TOWN and ARCHIVO ADXUNTO.

Resurrection Fest 2019 bands poster