First Aid Kit confirmed for Storsjöyran festival in Sweden

One of Sweden’s largest music exports, FIRST AID KIT is ready for Storsjöyran festival this summer for an exclusive visit at home in Sweden.

The sisters Söderberg from Svedmyra have taken the world by storm with their heavenly vocal song and growing collection of beloved songs. FIRST AID KIT is today one of Sweden’s biggest music exports. Just such a thing as being nominated for a Brit Award for the best international group in competition with Beyoncé and Jay-Z!

At home, they have recently shown their weight with a sold-out concert at the Globe in Stockholm, where they gave samples of the arena band they have grown into. A band with span from the fragile and subtle to the grandly bombastic and a rich catalog of music to scoop out. “Emmylou”, “Stay Gold”, “My Silver Lining”, “Fireworks” … Songs that sounded like classics from the first moment and are now on the right track to actually be.

We have already cried out that FIRST AID KIT played on Yran’s smallest scene Intiman already in 2008. We are proud to have followed the sisters from the start and very happy to have them back, this time on the biggest stage.

Andrea Wiktorsson – Storsjöyran’s artist booker

This summer, FIRST AID KIT will only play two gigs in Sweden, Way Out West and Storsjöyran!