El Dorado Festival Presents Vice City A Brand New Miami Inspired 6 Stage Immersive Area

El Dorado festival, the party-goers paradise, has announced a stunning new area with 6 new immersive venues with a Miami Vice vibe bringing a slice of travelling wonder to the beautiful site of Eastnor Castle Deer Park. 

A loud and large neon-drenched promenade buried deep in the Jungle, Vice City is the place to unleash your inner sinner! Don the Wayfarers and throw your woes out your coupe’s window as you cruise into a new land of glitz and glam.

From the Owners of a Lonely Heart to the Girls who Just Wanna Have Fun – all’s fair in love and sacrilege in Vice City.

SUE VENEERS – El Dorado’s brand new queer dancing hotspot. Join the London based collective for night time frolics at their steamy laser-pit discotheque. Expect high kicks, high fashion and high drama all weekend long!

THE BOUDOIR – The hotspot for live music – funk, jazz, brass, beats and everything in between – with an eclectic programme that has got something for everyone as long as you are here for a good times party.

GOOD LIFE HOTEL – This is a place where the guests like to travel light and easy, because after check-in, the bombastic production and musical twists at every turn will do all the rest. Styled as the ‘party where nothing is the same twice’, this Leeds-born party group pulls no punches and this time will be no.

MOTEL DORADO – What’s seedy, full of suspicious characters, and a place where anything goes? Why, it’s Motel Dorado of course! Find it at the end of the street, putting the vice in Vice City dusk ’til dawn – no deposit necessary. An open air arena so all debauchery is fully on show, but we’ll be turning a stiff blind eye of course..

THE DINER – Retro hangout pulled straight from a Tarantino flick, for those with a taste for the vintage. Whipping up a naughty dish of karaoke and games for the day, then turning up the party heat for those hungry late-nighters.

BLUE TIT SALON – London’s famous boutique hair salon, will be serving up snips in Vice City and they’re a cut above the rest. Moving from taper cuts by day to techno cuts by night.

El Dorado Festival UK 2022 poster