Dour Festival 2022 adds 29 new names to their line up!

There are just over 4 months to go before Dour XXL, takes place from the 11th to 17th July 2022, and now 29 new artists are joining the 2022 line-up!

Don’t miss the beats and electronics of BLAWAN, DANIEL AVERY live, DANILO PLESSOW/MCDE, DJ KOZE, INNER CITY, JACQUES, ROSS FROM FRIENDS LIVE and the number “3” fan trio: IC3PEAK, PROMIS3, UNIIQU3.

With appearances from SEVDALIZA, SHYGIRL, BACKXWASH, DORIAN ELECTRA, LSDXOXO and TETO PRETO, Dour 2022 is set to be cutting edge, off-centre, hyperpop and queer.

Activate your flangers and overdrive pedals and make a date with BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD, MOLCHAT DOMA, BRYAN’S MAGIC TEARS, LOS BITCHOS and WARMDUSCHER, plug in your metronomes and work on your 7th chords to keep up with the jazz rhythms of NEUE GRAFIK ENSEMBLE and the post-rock of MADMADMAD.

Like every year, Dour Festival gives pride of place to national talent. AVALANCHE KAITO, COMMANDER SPOON, ECHT!, GLASS MUSEUM, MEYY, TUKAN will be among the worthy Belgian representatives at Dour 2022.

So now that 50% of the Dour Festival 2022 line-up has been revealed, there are still 125 artists to announce!

The wait will be over in the next few weeks!