DJ mastermind Armin van Buuren plays the Magicbox stage at Tinderbox 2020

There is no Tinderbox without Magicbox and for 2020, the stove is ready for another massive party when some of the greatest electronic names of our time make the Odensean DJ desk their own for a while.

He is one of the fan bearers of EDM and voted the world’s best DJ five times, and now the completely phenomenal Dutch DJ champion and producer, ARMIN VAN BUUREN, plays the Magicbox stage in Tusindårsskoven. The string of catchy productions is unbreakable, and Van Buuren transforms everything he touches into electronic gold for the ear canals. Earlier this year he released the long-awaited album “Balance”, and with hits such as “Blah Blah Blah” and “Turn It Up”, which have been streamed more than 200 million times, the Dutchman emphasises why he is among the best DJs ever.

VAN BUUREN is also characterised by his conscious quest away from his comfort zone, and it has given us huge hits like “This Is What It Feels Like”, which have reached far beyond the boundaries of the trance universe. Among other things, the electronic genius lines are based on uncompromising perfectionism, which means that an experience of ARMIN VAN BUUREN behind the desk must be on the bucket list of every electronic music lover.

ARMIN VAN BUUREN plays Friday, June 26.

Italian DJ trio MEDUZA kicked down the door into the international music scene when they released the huge hit “Piece Of Your Heart” this year. The single landed at number two on the official UK Top 20 and topped the Billboards Dance Club Songs hit list. The entire industry has been expecting to look at MEDUZA, which is a phenomenal and scathing addition to the electronic music landscape.

MEDUZA plays Saturday, June 27.

2019 has been a wind-blowing year for HAYDEN JAMES and organisers are absolutely looking forward to welcoming the Australian champion of summer vibes and Ibiza house at Magicbox. In June, he released the album “Between Us”, which has been streamed more than 500 million times to date. James captivates the audience with his strategically well-composed sets, offering everything from calypsy rhythms to flute-soft and dance-inviting house.

HAYDEN JAMES plays Saturday, June 27.

With his unique, progressive sound, he is full of Russian DJ and producer SHAPOV‘S international DJ career. The Russian delivers dynamic and almost euphoric live sets and was signed in 2013 by Axwell (Swedish House Mafia) on legendary Axtone Records. Together they released the huge hit “Belong” in 2016 and their careers have since been offered collaboration with, among others, Armin Van Buuren on the EP “The Last Dancer”, “Our Origin” and “La Résistance De L’amour”.

SHAPOV plays Thursday, June 25.

Magicbox is Denmark’s coolest EDM scene, and the mood is not found at any other festival on Danish soil. Magicbox is Tinderbox’s pulse, and with such massive names as ARMIN VAN BUUREN and not least MEDUZA we once again take the party in the open air bath to the next level. Organisers look forward to delivering another sublime ‘out of this world’ experience in 2020.

Tinderbox takes place in Tusindårsskoven in Odense, 25-27. June 2020.