Clutch, Wildhearts & Igorrr added to the Summer Breeze 2020 line up

Yes! It’s about time that the SUMMER BREEZE finally gets hold again of some neat, down-to-earth Rock, without any mumbo-jumbo and shenanigans – but instead with raw energy. And that’s exactly the reason why we brought CLUTCH on board!

Some will describe CLUTCH as Stoner Rock, and of course there’s something to that, but these folks have most evidently also been inspired by Blues and Boogie Rock. Yet, or exactly because of that, the music is perfect to gather in front of the stage, crack some cold ones and lose yourself in the mellow groove on a sunny festival-afternoon. Join us and CLUTCH on a journey to the universe of guitar riffs – you won’t regret it!

While they have been packing arenas in England for decades, they are still working their way through clubs in Germany: THE WILDHEARTS.

The Brits have been around for over three decades by now and are named among the greatest Rock bands in their homeland, of course including many scandals – as is tradition… However, Ginger Wilheart & co. have not conquered Continental Europe, yet which is not related to their musical or live-act qualities; rather, it’s because they simply haven’t tried yet. This is about to change, which is why you get the chance to see THE WILDHEARDS live and in color at the SUMMER BREEZE! Don’t miss ‘em!

Another SUMMER BREEZE premiere will be celebrated by the following confirmation – nothing for sensitive people. We are talking about IGORRR from France!

With his wild mixture of experimental, electronic and extreme metal, main man Gautier Serre absolutely hit the nerve of the open-minded faction, which became clear not least on his last tour, which filled all the venues up to bursting. Self-evidently it was time to guide the Frenchman and his band to Dinkelsbühl, to delight the open-minded and interested fans the like, and to piss off the rest of ’em. But we are sure: also, in Dinkelsbühl, IGORRR will man up and raise hell! Check them out!