Bury Tomorrow join the Rock For People 2020 line up!

By whatever measure you care to use, BURY TOMORROW are among modern British metal’s upper echelon.

Long since established as one of the UK’s most successful heavy exports, the Hampshire quintet have performed on main stages at virtually every major European festival you care to name, racked up millions of YouTube views, scored two top 40 UK albums and sold tens of thousands of tickets to their incendiary live shows in the process. Shows which combine a passion, precision and uncompromising aggression that has become both a trademark and a badge of honour.

That they have achieved all of this, and much more besides, not by following trends or jumping from bandwagon to bandwagon, but by sharpening to a diamond-cut point their brand of punishing, yet effortlessly melodic heaviness, speaks of a character that few bands of any genre could hope to match.

But something is about to change for BURY TOMORROW – the embers of steady growth are about to ignite into something much, much larger. The band pouring petrol on the blaze and starting an out and out inferno. ‘Black Flame’ is here, and it’s a record, and a movement, that’s going to spread like wildfire.

We’re a heavy band. We’re never going to be a radio rock band and there’s no compromise there. We’re doing it on our own terms: this thing is a freight train and I’ve never been prouder of anything we’ve ever put together as a band. It’s unapologetic, it’s pushing the envelope, and it’s a statement that shows exactly who we are as a band.

Daniel Winter-Bates

And so, while BURY TOMORROW have never been the flavour of the month, have never been given a free pass, and have most certainly never had a red carpet of any description rolled out for them by the media at large, their integrity is about to reap a vast dividend four albums in the making.

This album is about legacy. It’s the record that when this is all over, when it’s all said and done, people will look back and say that ‘Black Flame’ was the Bury Tomorrow album, that it’s an album that’s dug into the timeline of metal. I know this one is special. This one will stand the test of time. It’s our flag in the ground.

Jason Cameron

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