Blink 182 named as 9th headliner for Summerfest 2020

Summerfest presented by American Family Insurance is excited to announce the ninth headliner for Summerfest 2020 – BLINK-182 with special guests COHEED AND CAMBRIA, THE USED, and GRANDSON, headlining the new American Family Insurance Amphitheater on June 28th, 2020.

One of the most prominent bands to emerge from the Southern California punk scene, BLINK-182 gained mainstream success in the early 2000’s. The band has remained chart favorites, scoring five Top Ten albums and two number one Billboard 200 hits, including 2016’s California.

BLINK-182 formed in the suburbs of San Diego around guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge, bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus, and drummer Scott Raynor. Originally known as simply Blink, the band debuted in 1993 with the self-released EP Fly Swatter. After releasing the album Buddha in 1994, the trio signed to Grilled Cheese/Cargo and released Cheshire Cat the following year. The threat of a lawsuit from a similarly named Irish band forced them to change their name to BLINK-182, but that did not slow them down: the group earned a higher profile by touring the world!

COHEED AND CAMBRIA have never been easy to pin down, genre-wise, existing at the intersection of prog, metal, and post-hardcore, and in new songs from “Love Protocol” to “It Walks Among Us,” that’s clearly still the case.

For The Unheavenly Creatures, the band found creative satisfaction in abandoning any existing expectations. The widescreen feel of the album extends to the release itself: The Unheavenly Creatures arrives with a box set edition including an 88-page hardcover novel illustrated by Chase Stone and written by Sanchez and Chondra Echert, a “Creature” mask, a fold-out poster, the album itself, and a bonus demo CD.

It is the beginning of a new chapter. I wanted this to feel like a metamorphosis — like a new beginning for us!

Claudio Sanchez

THE USED just finished making their eighth full-length album out April 24th, 2019 on Big Noise. This forthcoming album marks the return of John Feldmann to THE USED family as he is producing the album and also the head of A&R at Big Noise.

They are one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen and Bert is quite possibly the best singer I’ve ever worked with. This has been a dream of mine since I met them in 2001.

John Feldmann

Feldmann signed THE USED to Reprise Records in January 2002, one short year after the band formed in Orem, Utah. He also produced some of the band’s most monumental albums including their self-titled debut, Maybe Memories, In Love and Death, Lies for the Liars, Vulnerable and Imaginary Enemy. The upcoming album will mark their first release on Big Noise.

GRANDSON is a 23-year-old alternative artist hailing from Canada. Born in the small town of Englewood, New Jersey, he relocated to the cultural melting pot of Toronto at a young age, and grew up surrounded by music ranging from jazz to rock & roll to rap, dancehall and R&B. He started experimenting with music production and rapping in 2013, dropped out of school and headed to Los Angeles to pursue music full time. Adopting the “grandson” moniker while living in LA, he dove deeply into rock influences such as Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana and Led Zeppelin.

He found a small community of musicians to work and perform with in LA and eventually formed his band. Reminiscent of early punk and grunge music, grandson’s live set attempts to create a frantic, mosh pit-inducing cathartic release of energy for fans. Searching for his voice and for meaning in today’s divisive, chaotic world, GRANDSON‘s songwriting confronts the most pressing issues of his generation, such as financial inequality, governmental and environmental accountability and social justice, giving these topics a soundtrack with a genuine sense of urgency and frustration, while simultaneously touching on adolescence, relationships, and the insecurities and difficulties of growing up through your 20’s.