Bilbao BBK Live adds 15 new artists with the complete Basoa programming

Basoa reaches its fourth edition reaffirming its commitment to a very specific way of understanding the experience of electronic dance music. An idea in which having a unique environment is more important than accumulating scenarios, where a well-chosen programming counts more than the length of the poster and in which a sound system taken care of down to the smallest detail passes over empty pyrotechnics. After all, who needs to simulate magic when you have the spell of the forest?

In an era defined by excess stimuli, disconnecting is a privilege. That is why in Basoa everything is designed so that the forest becomes a temple of evasion where you can put your mobile phone aside and immerse yourself in the moment. Dance music has always been a mechanism of liberation and it can also be a mechanism of digital interference. In addition, for many videos that we record, the most powerful tool to relive sensations will always be our memories.

The 2019 programme at Basoa again combines top-tier global artists, aspiring stars and young emerging talents. Highlights of the line-up of artists include the master LAURENT GARNIER, the living history of techno and house music in Europe, who has been making the planet dance for 35 years; JOHN TALABOT, a tireless tracker of music, whose versatility lets him weave together sessions that are stylistic tours, without ever losing an identity that is already unmistakable, and who, after his unforgettable closing act in Basoa last year, returns to wrap up this space once again; HONEY DIJON, born in Chicago, the Mecca of house music, dominates this genre, bringing a sound that is always energetic, daring and uninhibited; TODD TERJE dj set, whom we discovered for his legendary edits, with which he improved classic records that seemed unsurpassable, who then set about producing his own tracks, regaling us with hymns like ‘Ragysh’ or the immortal ‘Inspector Norse’; MIDLAND, whose talent has proven to be increasingly more chameleonic and has recently caused him to grow to the point that he appears on the cover of specialised magazines like Mixmag, and Bicep DJ Set, who, without having achieved a massive status, demonstrate that they are a duo capable of travelling down the road paved in the 1990s by Orbital, Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers. They are joined by the selectors ALICIA CARRERA, ÁLVARO CABANA, COURTESY, DJ DUSTIN, DJ SEINFELD, KETIOV, MOXIE, OCTO OCTA and TAMA SUMO who ensure moments of total madness and unexpected discoveries. All will be providing extended sessions, which is somewhat unusual at a music festival, but necessary to tell a story rather than just chain tracks together.

Bilbao BBK Live 2019 poster with Basoa

The selection of artists and the surround sound provided by the space are combined with the careful attention to detail to set the stage in Basoa, which has been internationally recognised with the ‘Innovation in Staging’ prize at the ‘Festival of the Future’ awards. And that’s because Basoa seeks to escape the mundane and pursue the exceptional.

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