Bergenfest confirms Swedish singer songwriter Robyn for 2022!

Bergenfest organisers are very happy to announce that Scandinavia’s biggest pop icon will be with them at Bergenfest 2022 – ROBYN will headline on Wednesday 15th June at Plenen.

Scandinavia’s largest pop icon in modern times will return to BergenFest in 2022. Eight years after the iconic “Body Talk”, one of the most original and iconic pop artists of our time returned with the brilliant album “Honey” in 2019 and a live concept that oozes confidence, sensuality, affection, dance floor and singing.

In 2019, she played intimate concerts for a sold out USF Verftet and headline festivals at Øya and Roskilde, among others. In 2022, Bergenfest and Piknik i Parken are the only Norwegian festivals visited by the legendary ROBYN!