Amon Amarth, Within Temptation & more for Summer Breeze 2020

If there has been a band in the past few years that has been at the top of your wish lists, it’s AMON AMARTH. Year after year, no matter if they had just performed or not!

And it’s well deserved, as we’d like to note; after all, the Swedes have had an incredibly steep career without having ever been given anything for free. AMON AMARTH are some of the few big and well-known metal bands who have earned their status through hard work and playing at every corner! Also, the SUMMER BREEZE had a special part in this success, so we’re very happy that the Vikings haven’t forgotten us and will come to Dinkelsbühl for a headliner show in 2020! Look forward to a gigantic show and hits from the barrel!

The connection between the SUMMER BREEZE and the following confirmation reaches back to the ‘Mother Earth’ days of the band (2002 to be exact), when they were allowed to get on the boards early in the day. Now, 18 years later, WITHIN TEMPTATION will return to the SUMMER BREEZE as one of the main acts!

Nowadays, WITHIN TEMPTATION fill the large arenas while the stage shows and setups have become much more elaborate and impressive over time, however one fact has never changed: as a live act, WITHIN TEMPTATION are still a lot of fun and know how to entertain you even during longer sets. With their melodic metal, which couldn’t be catchier, the Dutch band will show that they still belong to the strongest representatives of this guild. So be there when WITHIN TEMPTATION make their biggest appearance yet at the SUMMER BREEZE!

Bamm! You want a modern headliner, and thou shalt get it! ARCHITECTS from Brighton will kick your asses at one of their super-rare shows in 2020!

Originally, the band wanted to take it slow in 2020 but, among others, they made a small exception for SUMMER BREEZE – something that we do appreciate. And certainly, you too, judged by the results of the survey… Hence, the architects have promised that they will perform a magnificent show in Dinkelsbühl – not to mention the formidable song material. So, expect nothing less but the biggest and most impressive show ever of ARCHITECTS at SUMMER BREEZE! If that is not a reason for celebration, we don’t know what is.

Fat Pirate Metal and a loooooooot of fun up their cheeks, that’s ALESTORM who will perform one of their very few European festival shows at SUMMER BREEZE 2020. And with them, the gentlemen will surely bring some brand-new material, too, making you the first ones in Germany that will have the privilege of enjoying it live on stage.

Any more words on ALESTORM are totally unnecessary when talking to the BREEZE audience, as almost every Dinkelsbühl-visitor celebrates these Pirate metalheads as they always spark some good mood – live and on their records alike. And since they do everything with a smirk on their faces, you can definitely be curious what ALESTORM are going to put on stage for their biggest show in Dinkelsbühl to date. But it should be awesome, really awesome!