5 New Bands added to the Waken Open Air 2020 line up!

„With a face like this I won’t break any hearts“ – that’s taken straight from „Screamager“ one of the first big hits from THERAPY?. Luckily it’s all about the music at W:O:A, still. And when it comes to that, these Irishmen are amongst the finest of their craft. THERAPY? will be celebrating 30 years of service in the name of rock and we are happy to welcome them back for another time after their 2016 performance.

Fancy some of the finest thrash metal the US of A have to offer, delivered right in your face? Look no further than SACRED REICH and classic tracks such as „Surf Nicaragua“ or „The American Way“. Frontman Phil Rind and the boys of course deliver the goods again on their newest outing „Awakening“ as they are one of the established names of the global scene. This will be tasty!

As you already know W:O:A decided on prehispanic culture as a theme for the 2020 edition. THE RISE OF MICTLÁN fit right into that choice and are also a real treat for black metal connoisseurs. Singer Lugubrem (formerly of Mordskog) assembled an all-star line up which fuses musical brute force with traditional instruments. The german premiere of this band is not one to be missed!

Death metal from Germany in the charts? What has been unthinkable just a few years ago was accomplished by DAWN OF DISEASE not just once but twice in a row. And without letting down even the slightest bit in terms of heaviness and brutality. They already put everything to shame during their Wacken debut in 2017, this time it won’t be different. And that’s a promise.

While we’re talking bout promises: DIARY OF DREAMS were scheduled to celebrate their first time at W:O:A last year but the weather gods had different plans for them, you and us. „So next year it is, then!“, everybody agreed and 2020 will be the time where one of Germany’s most successful dark rockers will finally be performing on the Wacken fields.