Wide Awake Festival announces 2nd wave of acts for 2021

Since Wide Awake announced their debut reset for Friday 3rd September 2021 at Brockwell Park, the brand new, one day festival, is charged to announce their second crowd of acts which will include a massive show from weighted post-punk band – IDLES, plus a large addition of breakouts leftfield artists including BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD, GOAT GIRL, SHAME, THE MURDER CAPITAL, KOKOROKO, LAZARUS KANE, and more.

Through much anticipation and excitement Super Early Bird Tickets sold out in less than 24 hours after the festival’s 2021 comeback announcement in February.

Wide Awake delves into the underground scene to create a festival for music fans.

The second line-up announcement sees Wide Awake host some of the most appealing names across those leftfield genres, including, raucous Klezmer jazz-punk from BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD, whirlpooling guitars from playful goths, GOAT GIRL, industrial punk from THE MURDER CAPITAL, as well as bone-breaking riffs from London band, CROWS, and psychedlia from renowned internationalists, LOS BITCHOS. Electronica will keep the day afloat with French DJ and producer, IVAN SMAGGHE, who will play father to electroclash, whilst afrobeat, eight piece, jazz improv collective, KOKOROKO will set the rhythm.

Wide Awake Festival 2021 poster

Wide Awake aims to provide a distinctive counter-culture experience like no other London-based festival. It will champion independence, as well as include a strong policy for sustainability where it will reduce its carbon footprint through the following actions:

Wide Awake Positive Policy:

• Bury zero waste in landfill
• Leave no trace of litter
• Ban single use plastic across the site
• Only use compostable plastic and cutlery
• Only provide ethically sourced food
• Operate a cup deposit scheme that doesn’t rip fans off
• Recycle all trader & back of house waste
• Only permit biodegradable stage effects

Brought to you by some of Field Day’s co-founders, Bad Vibrations, Dimensions, LNZRT, SC&P and the creators behind some of London’s most iconic, small music venues: MOTH Club, The Shacklewell Arms, The Waiting Room and Peckham Audio, this festival has been consummated through an adoration of music and a long history of exhilitating live shows across each of the sites.

The Positive Policy debuts the festival’s positive actions in an effort to help our ecosystem and change the way in which live music events take responsibility with a set of strict rules around the use of HVO Fuel, eco-toilets, banning single use plastic, providing ethically sourced food, permitting only biodegradable stage effects, and much more. On the day of the festival, Wide Awake will bring a tight and titillating curation of sustainability focused happenings within a freshly conceived concept, the Climate Cafe – an excitingly dense afternoon which will include a chance for participants to experiment with a carbon calculator to discover their personal emissions, creatively build their vision of a utopian/dystopian future, enjoy an exploration of solastalgia through short stories and more.