White Lies & more confirmed to play NorthSide 2020 in Denmark

The synth-rock bag will open well when WHITE LIES steps onto next year’s NorthSide. Along with the British, the legendary The Smiths guitarist, JOHNNY MARR, as well as strong Danish names in the form of HANS PHILIP, CLARA and FOLKEKLUBBEN are added to next year’s music poster.

With the releases “To Lose My Life…” and “Ritual”, British band WHITE LIES have a solid post-punk tag in Denmark. Earlier this year, the group released their fifth studio album “FIVE”, and the desire to see the trio in Ådalen is alive and well again. WHITE LIES, with Harry McVeigh in the front, is known for their voluminous text universe where neither love nor death goes free on tracks like “Farewell To The Fairground”, “Bigger Than Us” and “There Goes Our Love Again”, but also on easily edible pop-inspired tunes on “Hold Back Your Love” and “Time To Give”.

WHITE LIES plays on Friday, June 5 on the NorthSide.

Since The Smiths disbanded in 1987, legendary guitarist and songwriter, JOHNNY MARR, has lived a laid-back existence until the release of his first solo album, “The Messenger,” in 2013. MARR is deliverable in solid concerts, with both The Smiths and Marrs own numbers are distributed generously.

JOHNNY MARR plays on Saturday, June 6 at NorthSide.

In addition to international stars, NorthSide also means room for some of the biggest Danish names. Therefore, the booking of former unknown artist, vocalist and now solo artist HANS PHILIP is completely self-written for next year’s festival. HANS PHILIP released his first solo play “Forevigt” in March, which hit both the audience and the reviewers right where it all goes into a higher unit.

HANS PHILIP plays on Friday, June 5 at NorthSide.

Also 19-year-old Aarhusian CLARA, who is behind hits like “Crazy” and “What They Say”, and who was just named “New Danish Name of the Year” at the Danish Music Awards 2019 can be experienced at next year’s NorthSide. CLARA’s sound is bombastic and international, and there is plenty of raw girl-power attitude on hits like “Suffocating”, “Good To You” and “Can’t Fall Asleep”.

CLARA plays on Saturday, June 6 at NorthSide.

The trio behind “Grease Ass”, FOLKEKLUBBEN, is also added to the music poster. The folk club’s lyrics and melodies are delivered with madness and poetic excess, which really comes to life quite well. The trio’s latest album, “Black Tulip”, from 2018, among other things, offered hits such as “But Not Yet a Winter” and “Flaming Hearts” – and not to forget the title track “Black Tulip”.

FOLKEKLUBBEN plays on Friday, June 5 on the NorthSide.

NorthSide 2020 will take place in Ådalen, near Aarhus, from 4-6. June 2020.