Wacken announces the first bands for this years Advent Calendar

Today, on St. Nicholas Day 2020, Wacken presents the first bands of this year’s Advent calendar!

There are many versatile musicians in Metal, but in the end there can be a maximum of three artists on the podium. And one of the three finalists is without any doubt DEVIN TOWNSEND. He has also postponed his tour plans by one year and will be back at the W:O:A 2021!

And also ORDEN OGAN are joining in again! In this case the postponement means that we will be able to enjoy the upcoming new album “Final Days” at W:O:A 2021. The album was originally planned for the end of August this year.

The rest of the band announcements today will be about the Night To Dismember, the popular Black & Death Metal alternative program to the classic Night To Remember. Organisers can confirm almost all bands of the brutal party in one go – they are happy to announce the booking of: ROTTING CHRIST, KAMPFAR, VOMITORY, PESTILENCE, MORK and GAEREA.