Volbeat, Korn, Billy Talent to headline Greenfields festival 2022

We will reanimate you! If you’ve already become motionless as a Netflix zombie in front of the TV in total home office and quarantine madness, then it’s high time for a revival, with an extra load of power from the Greenfield Festival! VOLBEAT, KORN, BILLY TALENT, RISE AGAINST and many more will appear at the first major rock festival here in the post-corona period and will heat up the stages in Interlaken. From June 9th to 11th, the Red Dragon in Interlaken will make the mountains glow with his rock fire! Let’s all get off to a flying start at Switzerland’s biggest rock festival.

These three headliners are at the start: VOLBEAT – no other band combines metal and rock’n’roll in such an intoxicating way as the Danes have managed to do over the years. A concept to which VOLBEAT owe a unique career with millions of albums sold and countless awards.

California nu metal co-founders and living legends KORN will tear down the Jungfrau Stage on 100 with their snarling, brutal, thrashing freak show.

BILLY TALENT – their journey from hungry, crazy, community hall punks to international festival headliners took just a decade. With their current album “Afraid Of Heights”, the Canadian rock band reached number 1 in the Swiss album charts and underlines the unique sound of Billy Talent with a stunning collection of songs, which is best enjoyed live.

Greenfield Festival 2022 poster

New theme world “SHELTER 666” – In addition to the medieval market, the Greenfield Festival 2022 will feature “Shelter 666”, a new theme world in the style of the Mad Max films and based on the model of the Wasteland Weekend in America. You enter a fiery scenery from another world, in which residents with the most adventurous robes Between rusty car wrecks and old shipping containers you can have fun gambling and measure your strength with the Wastelanders – if you dare.Some people become part of the end times themselves and can be made into a real raider in the warpaint tent to bicker, bet and Celebrate and – with a radioactive drink in hand – toast to the end of all days.

The Medieval Market, Where tough boys and girls celebrate their victory in an honorable duel with a tankard of mead and have a good time with suckling pig, archery and ax throwing. Already a time-honored institution at the Greenfield Festival, the Medieval Market is a must-see. Here you can immerse yourself in another world for a few hours, with fire-eaters, acrobats, minstrelsy and knight fights.

The Burning Hand – A basic structure is being built on the concert grounds using robust tree trunks. Spacers and crossbars are attached to this framework, giving the final shape, the world-renowned metal fork. At the end there is a gigantic hand that towers 8 meters and has a radius of 5 meters (for comparison: the Böögg on the Sechseläuten is 3.40m tall).

As a spectacular conclusion to the Greenfield Festival, on Saturday, after the last concert, the hand will be ceremonially burned down together with the fans and will become the “Burning Hand” – a burning symbol for the fiery hearts of all rock, punk and metal fans. Goosebumps are guaranteed!